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In less than one hour, we'll:
1.    Demonstrate the technology – hands-on, real-life examples of the use of ART
2.    Show you how simple it is to use the technology
3.    Create a simple presentation incorporating questions and audience responses.
4.    Show you how responses can be displayed and cross-tabulated with any demographic variable.
​5.    Offer ideas on how to improve your group activities

Obtaining participation from an audience is a challenging undertaking. Questions posed by a presenter can be answered by hand-raising, but audience members are often reluctant to frankly share their opinion (s) on sensitive topics, or reluctant to admit their lack of knowledge.Welcome to the world of "clickers," also known as audience response technology (ART.)  

You may have participated in such sessions in college or seen the technology in action on the popular TV show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”  The “Ask the Audience” lifeline allowed all audience members to cast their vote on the correct answer to the question giving the contestant difficulty at the moment.  Each audience member was issued a clicker which instantly recorded and displayed the number of audience members selecting each choice. 

Learning to use audience response clickers is remarkably simple, effective and intuitive. if you are interested in enhancing the appeal of your meetings, increasing the level of participation of your attendees and getting useful feedback to improve decision-making, audience response technology is an effective, cost-effective way of achieving your goals.  Let us show you.

Experienced speakers and educators know that meetings are best conducted as interactive activities. Involvement of attendees helps assure attention and enhances the involvement, satisfaction and learning of the participant. 

Audience Response Technology

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